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Our hosting centers span across the globe and have garnered the trust of numerous clients. Our primary focus lies in miners for Bitcoin and Kaspa.

Profitability of the ASIC miners (ROI)

Accessible mining

Gain access to your mining operations from anywhere you are.
With our platform, you can effortlessly monitor your miners and earnings, anytime, anywhere, simply by having our platform on your phone or laptop
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oneminers ai

AI Smart Mining

Our platform leverages advanced AI algorithms to analyze real-time market data, ensuring your mining efforts are always directed toward the most profitable pools. This dynamic approach guarantees enhanced profitability by smartly adjusting to market fluctuations and optimizing your mining operations.
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Why Choose OneMiners

OneMiners at BTC Prague 2024!

Check out OneMiners at BTC Prague conference, where we were able to connect many of our clients and partners as well!

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~95% Uptime

Our miners got ~95% Uptime, so you do not have to worry about your miner not making profits!

7 Years Warranty

The only hosting platform that ACTUALLY gives you a 7 year warranty for your miners.

5 Hosting Areas

You can choose one of our 5 hosting centers around the globe.

24/7 Support

Our support is available 24/7.

Best Energy Prices

Maximize profits with our platform's best energy prices.

Safe Withdrawal

Our withdrawal system is designed to be as safe as it gets.

Meet OneMiners

Quick video to showcase our centers and our work of art!

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Our Partners Help Us Grow!

Our partners are one of the reasons, why our community is so strong.

They provide the best-performing ASIC miners on the market so that we can deliver them ASAP to our fellow miners!

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Guide On How To Buy An ASIC Miner.


Take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions about our hosting platform ONEMINERS.

Basically you'll order and pay for your chosen miner to one of the hosting centers. Your ASIC will be installed in few hours and you will pay for the electricity additionally. The hosting is for FREE and all the fees are included in the electricity price. For every miner we provide 7 YEARS insurance.
Energy works like subscription. For example you will prepay energy for a month. Every miner has individually their own daily usage of energy and cost fort that will be subtracted everyday from your prepaid energy balance. You just have to check that your energy balance is not $0, if you will not have any Energy & Fees balance left, your miner will be automatically turned off. The price for energy is around 0,13 EUR and it's final. All the fees are included in the electricity price.
If you will buy for example 1/10 of an ASIC, you will own 1/10 of it's hashrate, 1/10 of it's revenue a you'll pay 1/10 of Energy & Fees for that ASIC. The rest 9/10 will be own by someone else. You can also reach ONE WHOLE ASIC. For example if you buy 1/10 of an ASIC, than 1/10 and than 8/10, you will own 10/10 of an ASIC, that means you own one whole ASIC and you even have an option to take that ASIC from hosting and have it deliverd to you.