Leading Mining Hosting Solutions in Texas – Low Energy Costs and High Efficiency

Optimal Mining Environment in Texas with 3MW Capacity

Join us at our premier mining hosting facility located in the heart of Texas, USA, where we offer specialized services tailored for cryptocurrency miners seeking reliability and efficiency. With one of the lowest energy rates in the region at $0.065 USD per kWh, our 3MW facility is a prime location for both Bitcoin and Altcoin mining operations.

Exceptional Energy Rates and Capacity

Texas is renowned for its low energy fees, which is why our facility is equipped to take full advantage of this competitive edge. With a substantial capacity of 3MW, we cater to miners who demand significant power for their operations, all included in our transparent pricing structure with no hidden fees.

Dedicated On-Site Support

Our Texas facility ensures that your mining operations run smoothly around the clock. We keep basic spare parts in stock to avoid any waiting for deliveries.

Robust Security and Insurance

Security and reliability are cornerstones of our services. All equipment housed within our facility is fully insured against both breakdowns and natural disasters. Moreover, the site is guarded 24/7, ensuring that your investments are protected under all circumstances.

Advanced Cooling and Monitoring Technologies

To further enhance your mining efficiency, our Texas center utilizes cutting-edge DRY Cooling and Immersion cooling technologies. These systems are specifically designed to optimize machine performance and increase output. Additionally, our advanced VPN monitoring allows you to access real-time production data and manage your operations remotely, ensuring transparency and control.


USA- Texas

Hosting center located in the United States - Texas.