Discover Advanced Mining Hosting in Alta, Norway

Norway Housing: Your Partner in State-of-the-Art Mining Hosting

Welcome to Norway Housing, located in the serene and stable environment of Alta, Norway. Our cutting-edge mining hosting center is designed to provide the most efficient and secure services to miners at highly competitive rates.

Exceptionally Low Energy Costs

Our facility in Alta offers unbeatable electricity rates at just $0.078 USD per kWh and 0.11 EUR per kW. These rates include all fees, ensuring that you receive transparent and cost-effective solutions for your mining operations. With a capacity of 600 kW, our center is perfectly suited to handle large-scale mining activities without compromising on performance.

Comprehensive On-Site Services

At Norway Housing, we are dedicated to minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency. Our facility is equipped with essential spare parts readily available, ensuring quick repairs.

Unmatched Security and Insurance

The safety of your investment is paramount. All equipment at our Alta center is insured against breakdowns and natural disasters, providing comprehensive protection. Additionally, the site is secured with 24-hour surveillance, offering peace of mind in a secure and politically stable location.

Advanced Cooling and Monitoring Technologies

Our hosting center employs the latest in DRY Cooling and Immersion cooling technologies, which significantly enhance machine performance and output. Furthermore, our facility offers VPN access for machine monitoring, allowing you to maintain control and verify real vs declared production from anywhere in the world.


Norway - Alta

Hosting center located in Norway - Alta.