About us

Oneminers boasts over a decade of experience in the cryptocurrency mining and data center management sector. With a focus on sustainability and innovation, our global footprint extends across Norway, Central Europe, Dubai, and Paraguay, with state-of-the-art data centers totaling 1815 MW capacity. Our commitment to green mining practices highlights our dedication to a sustainable future in the crypto world.

As Oneminers looks to the future, we plan to expand into Asia to serve the dynamic market with reduced latency and improved services. We invite miners at all levels to join us on our journey towards a decentralized future, underpinned by our vast expertise and innovative spirit.


Michal Beňo

Michal Beňo, the founder and CEO of OneMiners, is a visionary leader with more than a decade of pioneering experience in the crypto industry. His passion for innovation has led him to significant achievements in the field of crypto mining and computing technology, enabling him to become a respected authority in this dynamic sector.


Jozef Vojtáš

Jozef Vojtáš, our IT Director at OneMiners, is a technological strategist with an extensive background in the evolving landscape of information technology, particularly within the crypto mining sphere. With over a decade of in-depth experience, his innovative approaches and dedication to harnessing cutting-edge technologies have been instrumental in shaping the infrastructure that powers our platform.

Our people!

And Our Beloved Miners

The key factor that makes our project great. YOU PEOPLE! All our clients that are mining with us and placed their miner into one of our hosting centers. You make this platform great and we will always try to push it forward for you!