Frequently Asked Questions

What is Oneminers?

Oneminers is a mining platform that enables users to participate in cryptocurrency mining without requiring advanced technical expertise or hardware. We offer a user-friendly interface and access to robust data centers for effective mining operations.

How long has Oneminers been in operation?

Oneminers, previously recognized as Kentino, boasts over a decade of expertise in mining and data center administration. Our expedition commenced over ten years ago, and our commitment to transforming the mining landscape has remained steadfast ever since.

Where are Oneminer's data centers located?

Oneminers operates three crypto production-ready data centers strategically positioned in Norway, the Czech Republic, Dubai, and Paraguay. These data centers boast a combined capacity of 4 MW, guaranteeing dependable and effective mining operations for our clientele.

What sets Oneminers apart from other mining platforms?

Oneminers sets itself apart through a blend of extensive experience, global presence, and dedication to sustainability. We provide competitive fees, automatic conversion of mined coins to BTC, remote machine access, and automatic energy payments from mined coins for added convenience. Furthermore, our expansion into the Asian market is poised to elevate our service offerings even further.

How does Oneminers ensure sustainability in its operations?

Oneminers prioritizes sustainable mining practices. Our data centers are strategically situated in regions abundant with renewable energy sources, such as Norway, underscoring our commitment to fostering a greener and more sustainable future for the cryptocurrency sector.

Does Oneminers offer private tours of its data centers?

To maintain security and safeguard the confidentiality of our clients, we do not disclose precise data center locations. Nevertheless, for clients making substantial investments, we do provide private tours under stringent security measures. These tours offer clients valuable insights into our operations and are exclusively available to those who meet specific investment criteria.

How can I get in touch with Oneminers?

You can contact us through multiple channels. For general inquiries, please email us at [email protected]. If you are interested in sales or partnership opportunities, kindly reach out to [email protected]. For technical support, feel free to contact [email protected]. Additionally, you can easily reach us via live chat located on the bottom-right side of this page.

What are the shipping options available for European customers?

For our European clientele, we provide shipping via DHL Express and local pickup. DHL Express typically delivers within 1-3 business days following order processing, while local pickup arrangements can be made within 1 business day. Our pickup location is situated in Prague, Czech Republic.

What are the shipping options available for customers in the UK and Ireland?

Customers in the UK and Ireland have the option to select between DHL Express and local pickup. DHL Express typically delivers within 2-4 business days following order processing, whereas local pickup arrangements can be made within 1 business day.

What international shipping options are available for customers outside of Europe?

For international customers, we provide UPS® Air Freight Premium Direct and DHL® Air Freight options. UPS generally delivers within 3-6 business days following order processing, while DHL offers a similar timeframe for delivery.

How is the shipping cost calculated?

The shipping fee for an order is calculated based on various factors including the weight and destination of the products, as well as the selected shipping method. While we aim to offer accurate estimates, exact shipping costs may be challenging to pre-calculate universally. In instances where the shipping price significantly differs from the actual cost, we will reach out to you to resolve any discrepancies.

What should I do if I've paid for my order with Digital currency (cryptocurrency)?

If you've paid for your order with digital currency (cryptocurrency) through Oneminers, you may be exempt from certain taxes in America, Asia, Africa, and worldwide. This could offer a tax benefit for orders settled with cryptocurrency.

Do you offer shipping for ASIC miners and servers from China?

Yes, we do! We offer ASIC miners that are shipped directly from China and Hong Kong. We handle the shipping process from our hub in China, ensuring your order is delivered to you efficiently. To learn more about our drop-shipping your miners directly from manufacturers, please contact us.

What is the shipping time for ground transportation from Czech Republic?

For products shipped from the Czech Republic, the transportation times are estimated as follows:

  • Czechia: 1 business day
  • Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland: 1-2 business days
  • Spain, Portugal, Switzerland: 2-3 business days
  • United Kingdom, Ireland: 2-4 business days
  • Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovenia: 3-5 business days
  • Iceland, Norway, Sweden: 4-6 business days
  • USA, Canada: 4-8 business days

Please note that these are estimated shipping times and actual delivery may vary depending on various factors.

How do you ensure the safety of products during shipping?

At Oneminers, we prioritize the safety of your products during shipping. Our dedicated team meticulously packs each order using premium materials such as bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and durable boxes to safeguard your items against damage. We collaborate with trusted shipping carriers to ensure timely delivery and uphold the integrity of your order throughout the shipping process.

What is the warranty period for products purchased from Oneminers?

We offer a product warranty (7 years) for defects, aligning with European-Czech legislative standards. This warranty period underscores our commitment to providing our customers with high-quality and dependable products.

What are the conditions to claim warranty for a product?

To claim warranty for a product, certain conditions must be met:

  1. The product must be used in accordance with its intended purpose and as per the provided instructions for use.
  2. It should not have sustained damage due to improper handling, usage, or storage.
  3. The product must not have been altered or repaired by unauthorized individuals.

Meeting these conditions ensures that warranty claims are valid and can be processed effectively.

Does the warranty cover normal wear and tear or consumable items?

No, the warranty does not cover normal wear and tear or consumable items such as batteries, light bulbs, and similar components. It is specifically designed to address defects in the product's manufacturing or functionality.

What documentation is required to make a warranty claim?

To make a claim under the warranty, customers are required to provide proof of purchase, which can be in the form of a receipt or invoice. This documentation helps us authenticate the claim and ensure that the customer receives the appropriate support.

What happens after the warranty period ends?

After the warranty period ends, we still provide valuable services through our after-warranty service. This includes serving as an authorized service repair center for ASIC miners in Europe. Although this service is paid, we aim to offer competitive pricing while maintaining top-quality results.

What services are offered under after-warranty service?

Under our after-warranty service, we offer the following services:

  1. Repair services for products no longer covered under warranty.
  2. Sale of replacement parts such as batteries, light bulbs, and other components at a lower cost than the original manufacturer.
  3. Provision of technical support and remote assistance.
  4. Maintenance and cleaning services.
  5. Recycling services for products at the end of their lifecycle.

All these services are offered at competitive rates to ensure customer satisfaction.

How are profits paid out for miners in OneMiners data centers?

At Oneminers data centers, profits generated by miners are automatically deposited into the user's wallet. These earnings are seamlessly integrated into the user's dashboard, allowing them to easily track their earnings. Users have the flexibility to withdraw their earnings at any time according to their preferences.

Is there a specific threshold for requesting a withdrawal of profits?

No, there is no specific threshold for requesting a withdrawal of profits. Users are eligible to request a withdrawal at any time, regardless of the amount earned. This policy offers flexibility and convenience for our users.

How can a user request a withdrawal of their profits?

To request a withdrawal of their profits, users can access their customer dashboard and locate the withdrawal option. During the payout request submission process, the withdrawal fee associated with the request will be clearly visible to the user.

Is there a withdrawal fee for converting earnings to Bitcoin and transferring them to the user's wallet?

Yes, there is a withdrawal fee associated with the process of converting earnings to Bitcoin and transferring them to the user's wallet. This fee is always visible at the time of payout request submission, ensuring transparency in the process. The fee is calculated based on the current network fee and is subject to change based on market conditions. Similarly, fees for converting assets to other cryptocurrencies are also applicable.

How often are profits paid out to the user's wallet?

Profits are paid out to the user's wallet on a regular basis to ensure timely access to earnings. Our system is designed for efficiency, facilitating automatic conversion and transfer of earnings to provide a seamless user experience.