Eco-Friendly Mining Hosting Solutions in Paraguay

Sustainable and Efficient Mining with a 2MW Facility

Welcome to our state-of-the-art hosting center in Paraguay, where environmental sustainability meets top-tier mining efficiency. With a commitment to renewable energy, our facility offers a unique opportunity for miners to reduce their carbon footprint while benefiting from some of the lowest energy rates in the region at $0.08 USD per kWh.

Competitive Pricing with a Green Approach

Our 2MW facility is powered largely by renewable energy sources, reflecting Paraguay's dedication to sustainability. This approach not only supports environmentally conscious mining practices but also ensures cost-effective operations with all fees included in our competitive rate.

Comprehensive On-Site Support

Minimizing downtime is crucial in maximizing profitability. That's why our Paraguay facility maintains a stock of basic spare parts. Our on-site service ensures your mining operations continue uninterrupted.

Secure and Insured Facility

We take the security of your investments seriously. Our hosting center is insured against all forms of breakdowns and natural disasters and is monitored around the clock. You can mine with peace of mind knowing that your equipment is protected under all circumstances.

Advanced Cooling and Remote Monitoring

Utilizing the latest DRY Cooling and Immersion cooling technologies, our facility in Paraguay enhances machine performance and increases output. Additionally, our VPN access allows for real-time monitoring and control of real vs declared production, providing transparency and operational control from anywhere in the world.



Hosting center located in Praguay.