Warranty Policy

Warranty Policy

Our company extends a 7-year product warranty for all customers, in compliance with USA legislation, covering defects.

Warranty Claim Guidelines:

  • The product must be utilized as intended and follow the provided use instructions.
  • The item should not be damaged due to misuse, improper handling, or storage.
  • Unauthorized modifications or repairs of the product void the warranty.
  • Wear and tear or consumables (like batteries or light bulbs) are not covered under the warranty.
  • A proof of purchase (receipt or invoice) is required to initiate a warranty claim.

Post-Warranty Support We offer comprehensive post-warranty services as an authorized repair center for ASIC miners in Europe. While these services are chargeable, we aim to provide cost-effective solutions with superior outcomes.

  • We conduct repairs for items beyond the warranty period, offering more competitive rates than original manufacturers or authorized centers.
  • Replacement parts for out-of-warranty products, including batteries and light bulbs, are available at reduced prices compared to original manufacturers.
  • Technical assistance for products outside the warranty scope is provided via phone or email, at more affordable rates than original manufacturers.
  • Remote support services, including diagnostics and troubleshooting, are offered at lower costs than original manufacturers, facilitating efficient problem resolution.
  • Maintenance and cleaning services for products no longer under warranty are available at favorable rates, ensuring prolonged product lifespan and performance.
  • Environmentally responsible recycling services for out-of-warranty products are provided, promoting eco-friendly disposal at lower costs than original manufacturers.