Terms and Conditions


These General Business Terms and Conditions outline the contractual relationship between CircleHash LLC (“CircleHash” or “Seller”), and the purchasing party (“Buyer”). CircleHash LLC is a company based in the United States, governed by U.S. law. The company’s details are as follows:

Company Name: CircleHash LLC
Owner: Michal Beno
Address: 701 Tillery Street STE 12 # 2503 Austin, TX 78702-3751-127

Definition of Parties

  • Buyer: The term "Buyer" refers to either a consumer (a private individual engaging in transactions outside of a professional capacity), an entrepreneurial individual, or a legal entity conducting business for profit.
  • Entrepreneur: Defined as someone conducting business under their own responsibility with the aim of continuous profit generation. This includes any engagement in business, manufacturing, or similar activities, including acting on behalf of a business.

Acknowledgment by Buyer

By proceeding with an order, the Buyer confirms understanding and agreement to these terms prior to contract formation, including acknowledgments related to warranties, claims codes, privacy policies, and delivery details, as well as consenting to electronic invoicing.

Trademark Usage

Buyer agrees not to use CircleHash’s trademarks, trade names, or logos without explicit agreement.

Pre-contractual Representations and Warranties for Buyer-Consumer

CircleHash informs consumers about the absence of additional fees for distance communication, pre-payment requirements, non-engagement in ongoing contracts unless specified, and the detailed pricing structure including taxes and shipping costs. Consumers retain the right to withdraw from agreements under specified conditions.

Order Execution and Delivery

Orders are formalized upon Buyer submission and CircleHash’s receipt, with confirmation communicated via email. Order acceptance, modification terms, and detailed delivery conditions, including risk transfer and ownership stipulations, are outlined.

Warranty and After Warranty Service

CircleHash offers a 24-month warranty covering defects, with specific procedures for warranty claims. Post-warranty services are available, offering repairs, parts replacement, technical support, and recycling at competitive prices.

Digital Content, Motor Vehicle, and Mystery Pack Purchases

Specific conditions apply to digital content access, motor vehicle purchases, and Mystery Packs, emphasizing personal presence requirements, deposits, and delivery conditions.

Consumer Rights and Withdrawal

Consumers have the right to withdraw within 14 days of receipt, alongside stipulations for return costs and conditions for item return. Specific exceptions and the process for withdrawal are detailed.

Business Customer Provisions

For business customers, additional conditions regarding contract formation, dispute resolution, and specific purchase limitations are stated.

Personal Data Protection and Security

CircleHash’s commitment to GDPR compliance and the protective measures for personal information are highlighted.


Additional provisions cover topics like pricing errors, order adjustments, jurisdiction, and contractual language, ensuring comprehensive understanding of the terms governing the purchase and use of CircleHash’s products and services.

Refund and Exchange Policy

For items returned within the policy timeframe, CircleHash offers refunds or exchanges if products are returned in their original condition. Special conditions apply for customized, perishable, or hygiene-sensitive items, where returns might be restricted. The refund process is straightforward, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Shipping and Handling

CircleHash dispatches orders promptly, aiming for efficiency and customer convenience. Delivery times may vary based on location and shipping method chosen. Detailed shipping costs are transparently presented at checkout. In cases of shipping discrepancies or damages, immediate communication with CircleHash is advised to ensure prompt resolution.

Customs and International Shipping

For international deliveries, customers are responsible for customs duties and taxes, which vary by destination. CircleHash makes efforts to minimize these costs and provide information but is not liable for these additional charges. Compliance with local regulations is the customer's responsibility.

Payment Methods

CircleHash accepts various payment methods, including major credit cards, PayPal, and bank transfers, ensuring secure transactions. Payment must be completed at the time of order. CircleHash reserves the right to withhold delivery until full payment is received.

Privacy and Data Protection

CircleHash respects customer privacy and complies with GDPR for the protection of personal data. The privacy policy details the handling and security of customer information, emphasizing CircleHash's commitment to data protection.

Liability and Disclaimers

CircleHash disclaims liability for indirect damages resulting from product use, emphasizing that warranty claims should be directed to manufacturers when applicable. CircleHash ensures product compliance with descriptions and standards but is not liable for minor discrepancies.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

All transactions and claims are governed by U.S. law, with the courts of Texas having exclusive jurisdiction. This does not affect international customer rights under their local laws.

Amendments to Terms

CircleHash reserves the right to update these terms to reflect changes in law, business practices, or product offerings. Customers are encouraged to review the terms periodically for any updates.

Customer Service and Contact Information

CircleHash prioritizes customer satisfaction and provides various channels for support and inquiries, including email, phone, and online forms. Contact details are readily available for customer convenience.


These General Business Terms and Conditions, effective from the stated date, supersede previous versions, ensuring clarity and fairness in the business relationship between CircleHash and its customers. For comprehensive details, visit CircleHash’s official website or contact customer service.

Risk Disclaimer

Investing in cryptocurrencies involves a high degree of risk and may result in the loss of your entire investment. Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, can be impacted by macroeconomic factors and regulatory changes, and are not suitable for all investors. Users should carefully consider their financial capability, investment objectives, and risk tolerance before deciding to invest, and are advised to seek professional financial advice. The company assumes no responsibility for any direct or indirect losses incurred due to cryptocurrency transactions.