Understanding Miner Statistics and Details on OneMiners


Grasping the details and statistics of your mining machine is critical for enhancing your mining efficiency. This guide explains how to interpret the various metrics and sections found on the miner details page on OneMiners.

Miner Details Overview

  • Miner Status
  • Actions
  • Status
  • Money Statistics
  • Realtime Statistics
  • Chart with Historic Average Hashrate
  • Pool Settings
  • Hashboards and Temperature Statistics

Navigating Miner Details Page

  1. Sign into your OneMiners account.
  2. Proceed to the "Active Miners" area.
  3. Select a miner to delve into its detailed statistics.

Interpreting Statistics

  • Hash-rate: Represents the miner's computational power, measured in terahashes per second (TH/s).
  • Temperature: Indicates how hot your mining equipment is running, which can impact performance and longevity.

By getting to know these details and statistics, you are better equipped to make decisions that boost your mining operations. Should you require further clarification or assistance, our support team at OneMiners is always ready to help.

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