Discover Our Advanced Data Center in the Czech Republic – Czech Rep. DC2

Premium Hosting Solutions at Czech Rep. DC2

Welcome to, your trusted partner in data center hosting. Our newest facility, Czech Rep. DC2, offers high-quality services tailored to meet the needs of modern enterprises and demanding IT environments.

Competitive Pricing with Comprehensive Services

Czech Rep. DC2 provides an all-inclusive hosting solution at just $0.2 USD per kWh. With a robust 1 MW capacity, our pricing model includes all associated fees, ensuring no hidden costs and optimal budget management for your data center needs.

Immediate On-Site Response

We prioritize your operational continuity at Czech Rep. DC2. Our facility maintains a stock of essential spare parts, allowing for immediate repairs and minimizing downtime.

Full Insurance Coverage and Security

At Czech Rep. DC2, we guarantee the safety of your equipment. All hosted machinery is fully insured against mechanical breakdowns and natural disasters. Additionally, our premises are secured with round-the-clock surveillance, ensuring the highest level of security for your critical infrastructure.

Enhanced Monitoring Capabilities

Manage and monitor your operations with ease using our state-of-the-art monitoring systems. Czech Rep. DC2 offers VPN access for remote machine management, allowing you to compare real-time and reported production data, thus maintaining control over your operations from anywhere in the world.


Czech Rep. DC2

Hosting center located in the Czech republic.