Getting Started - How to Withdraw Assets (BTC) on OneMiners

Step 1: Access Your Dashboard

  1. Log into your OneMiners account.
  2. Navigate to the "WalletBalance" section.

Step 2: Initiate a Withdrawal

  1. Click on the "Withdraw" button located next to the header title.
  2. In the withdrawal form, input the amount you wish to withdraw from your available balance.
  3. Enter the payout address where you want to receive your BTC. This address will be saved for future withdrawals.

Step 3: Preview Your Withdrawal

  1. Click "Preview Order" to review your withdrawal details.
  2. This includes the exact amount you'll receive and any fees applied.
  3. The preview order is locked for 2 minutes for transparency and to avoid unexpected fees.

Step 4: Confirm or Cancel Your Withdrawal

  1. On the Preview Order page, you have the option to either confirm or cancel the withdrawal.
  2. If confirmed, the withdrawal request is automatically processed.

Step 5: Monitor Your Withdrawal

  1. Once confirmed, your withdrawal status will be "pending."
  2. The withdrawal amount is deducted from your main wallet BTC balance.
  3. Withdrawals are processed within 24 hours.

Step 6: Check Transaction Status

  1. After processing, you'll receive a notification and a transaction ID (txid).
  2. Use this ID to track your payment status on the BTC blockchain.

Additional Information

  • Withdrawals are exclusively in BTC.
  • Your payout address is securely stored for future transactions.
  • If a withdrawal is declined (e.g., due to an unfamiliar IP address), the amount reverts to your wallet, and the transaction is canceled.
  • Review your withdrawal requests in the "Payouts" tab within the "WalletBalance" section. For a comprehensive history of your transactions, visit the "Transactions" tab.
  • Withdrawal transaction fees are recalculated based on the current network fees for each payout.
  • Be aware of potential network congestion which may delay transaction confirmations.

If you encounter any issues during the withdrawal process or have questions, our support team at OneMiners is ready to assist.

Happy withdrawing!

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